Door types

Doors are classified by intended use, number of door leaves and material of door leaf. Viking Window supplies a factory assembled door set: leaf, frame, threshold, hardware

Intended use:

  • Front doors - typically with handle and key locking cylinder (as an alternative on the interior side a turn knob is used); use and size of glazing varies - glass provides view to outside or is used only as a design element.
  • Terrace doors- (balcony doors) typically with more simple window-type hardware (e.g. window handle, espagnolette with similar functions as windows etc.). Sometimes handle is used only on the inside. Cylinders for locking can be used - if the handle is on both sides. Mostly with the max size glasing unit to maximaze the light gain.
  • Sliding doors - opening function is sideways sliding. May be also combined with upwards, outwards, inwards or tilt function - depending on the hardware used.
front door balcony door gulu g scheme
Front door Terrace door Sliding door


Number of door leaves

1 sided door 2 sided door
1 leaf door 2 leaf door (aka double door; french door)


Panel doors and profile doors

panel cross 300px profile door cross 300px
Cross section of panel door Cross section of profile door


Panel door leaf is a composite product of timber frame covered with weather proof plywood "skins" (including moisture protection) and filled with insulation material. With the modern CNC technology different grooves and glazing options can be used for design purposes

Profile door leaf is assembled of glue-lam timber profiles. In the openings of the leaf either glass or insulated panels can be used. 

door filler panels


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