Window handles

Product code: HANDLES

Selection of handles for outward opening windows:

fix 83 200px HOPPE 0531VK U76 Atlanta F9005 must 200px Hoppe 0710LVK U71Z F9 titaan 200px Hoppe 0710LVK U71Z 200px
Fix 83 Hoppe 0531VK-U76 Atlanta F9005 black Hoppe 0710LVK-U71Z F9 titan Hoppe 0710LVK-U71Z
 Hoppe London 013VK U14K F1 200px  Tyresoe matt nikkel 200px Winga 7343 mattkroom 200px   Bjoerko kroom 200px
Hoppe London 013VK-U14K F1  Tyresö matte nickel Vinga 7343 matte chromium Björko chromium
Hoppe 0710VKS U14Z lukustatav F1 200px Hoppe 0710EVKS 6 200px Hoppe F3 lukustatav 0710EVKS6 kuldne 200px  Titon 200px
Hoppe 0710VKS-U14Z locking F1 Hoppe 0710EVKS-6 Hoppe F3 locking 0710EVKS6 golden Titon
Mila Prolinea must 200px Mila Prolinea matt kroom 200px Mila Prolinea laeikiv kroom 200px Mila Prolinea smokey kroom 200px
Mila Prolinea black Mila Prolinea matte chromium Mila Prolinea chromium Mila Prolinea smokey chromium
Mila ProStyle must 200px Mila ProStyle matt kroom 200px Mila ProStyle laeikiv kroom 200px Monkey Tail antique black 200px
Mila ProStyle black Mila ProStyle matte chromium Mila ProStyle chromium

Monkey Tail antique (black)

s6rmsulus 001 200px s6rmsulus 002 200px  s6rmsulus 003 200px  s6rmsulus tilk 200px 
Finger locks - brass Finger locks - chromium Finger locks - silver Finger locks - drop shaped
Tilgakujuline s6rmsulus must 200px  storm hook 200px  
Finger locks - drop shaped, black Hook (sash keep)  

Selection of handles for inward opening windows:

Hoppe London 013 U34 F1 200px Hoppe London 013 U34 kuldne Hoppe London 013S U34 kroomsatiin 200px Hoppe London 013SV U34 hõbedane 200px
Hoppe London 013 U34 F1 Hoppe London 013-U34 golden Hoppe London 013S-U34 chromium satin Hoppe London 013SV-U34 silver
Hoppe Toulon F9714M 200px Hoppe Tokyo 0710U26 F1 h6bedane 200px Hoppe Tokyo 0710 U26 messing 200px Hoppe Tokyo 0710U26 RAL9016 200px 
Hoppe Toulon F9714M Hoppe Tokyo 0710U26 F1silver Hoppe Tokyo 0710-U26 champagne  Hoppe Tokyo 0710U26 RAL9016
Hoppe Tokyo lukustatav TBT F1 h6be 0710 SEW U26 200px Hoppe Tokyo 0710S U26 kroom 200px Hoppe Tokyo 0710SV U26 kroomsatiin 200px Prolinea TBT ja TT matt kroom 200px 
Hoppe Tokyo locking TBT & TT F1 silver 0710 SEW-U26 Hoppe Tokyo 0710S-U26 silver Hoppe Tokyo 0710SV-U26 titan Prolinea TBT ja TT matte chromium
 Prolinea TBT ja TT smokey kroom 200px  Rotoline F1 200px Rotoline F1 h6bedane lukustavatv 200px   
Prolinea TBT & TT smokey chromium Rotoline F1  Rotoline F1 silver locking  

Window handles:

  • Handles for outward opening windows
  • Handles for inward opening windows
  • Finger locks for outward opening windows
  • Different types adn finishing
  • Handles with locking options

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