Insulated Glazing

Windows and doors supplied by Viking Window are equipped with insulated glazing units. The glass industry is now developed to a level where the thermal conductivity of the double glazing is 1.1 W/m2K and of the triple glazing is between 0.5 ... 0.7 W/m2K.

The insulated glazing unit is made of glass panes (2 or 3), which are connected to each other with the spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a flexible sealant. The space between the glass panes (cavity) is usually filled with Argon gas. There may be glass panes with different thicknesses andy types used in the construction of an insulated glazing unit.

The glazing unit should be selected based on the specifics of a building, the circumstances of the surrounding and based on ones need regards functionality of windows. A glazing which is good for one building does not suit to the other.

Condensation problems

kondents 001Why does the condensation occur?

Condensation is a natural phenomenon which hapens as a solution of temperature drop below the dew point. Usually there is  always some water vapor in the air. When the temperature of the objects and the air is lower then the dew point, condensation occurs.


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