Thermal stress in glass and risk of breaking

(And how to minimize such risks...)

It's a nice sunny summer day or sprng morning and suddenly there's an audible crack in your sun facing window or door glass. Crack (or many) appear. When you ask from the supplier what's happening you'll get answer that this is "cracking due thermal stress in glass..."

Condensation problems

kondents 001Why does the condensation occur?

Condensation is a natural phenomenon which hapens as a result of temperature drop below the dew point. Usually there is  always some water vapor in the air. When the temperature of the objects and the air is lower then the dew point, condensation occurs.

Insulated Glazing

Windows and doors supplied by Viking Window are equipped with insulated glazing units. The glass industry is now developed to a level where the thermal conductivity of the double glazing is 1.1 W/m2K and of the triple glazing is between 0.5 ... 0.7 W/m2K.

The insulated glazing unit is made of glass panes (2 or 3), which are connected to each other with the spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a flexible sealant. The space between the glass panes (cavity) is usually filled with Argon gas. There may be glass panes with different thicknesses andy types used in the construction of an insulated glazing unit.

The glazing unit should be selected based on the specifics of a building, the circumstances of the surrounding and based on ones need regards functionality of windows. A glazing which is good for one building does not suit to the other.

Door types

Doors are classified by intended use, number of door leaves and material of door leaf. Viking Window supplies a factory assembled door set: leaf, frame, threshold, hardware

Panel door designs

Panel door leaf is a composite product of timber frame covered with weather proof plywood "skins" (including moisture protection) and filled with insulation material. With the modern CNC technology different grooves and glazing options can be used for design purposes.


Panel door standard designs

  • Standard sizes are width 880-1078 mm and height 2040-2300 mm.
  • Door design options and hardware types can be found on the illustrations below.
  • Lower price compared to special design doors.
  • Ask for more detailed information from sales representative!


Click on the image below to see standard design options:


PR.100 BLANK 150px PR.109 FULL GLASS 150px PR.110 HALF GLASS 150px PR.111 SAEBY 320px PR.112 7grooves 150px PR.113 narrow glass 150px PR.114 28mm grooves 150px
PR.100   PR.109 PR.110  PR.111   PR.112 **  PR.113  PR.114 **


NB! Pictures above are illustrations - specific tone, glass type, hardware configuration may be different than current illustrations.

** Pattern on both sides

Profile door designs

Profile door leaves are assembled of glue-lam timber profiles. Insulated glazing of panels can be used.


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