Special Solutions

Special Solutions

Modern solutions for additional funtctions and comfort:

  • Electrically operated sashes
  • Electrical handles for doors
  • Glazing which can be turned opaque with electricity
  • Electrical and manual blinds and sunscreens
  • Stained glasses
  • Louvre

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Special solutions for windows and doors

e-Power Sliding Door is a new and unique, electically funtioning patio door.

NB! Available only as aluclad door!

Standard Configuration:
Near zereo energy homeNear zereo energy home
Opening types:

Products available with PAS24 tested hardware:

  • SW17 windows
  • SW14 windows
  • Viking-12 (Viking-14) windows
  • Viking-12 panel doors
  • Innova sliding doors
  • GU sliding doors

For additional information regards opening types and glazing

SmartAir is electronic opening and closing system. It operates the handle function - while closed, the handle is "separated" from locking mechnism and door can not be opened. To open the system either plastic card, chip or PIN-code can be used.


Ask for more detailed information from the sales department!

Smart sun screen solution for 48 - 52 mm 3-glazing units.

VikingWave is an innovative compact roller blind system inside the glazing unit which is capable of fulfilling a wide range of duties and responsibilities with regard to sun, glare and heat protection. The whole roller blind is completely integrated into the space between glass panels; thus the system can be used in nearly all types of application areas.

Large glazing surfaces of the modern house can end up with two problems: overheating and lack of privacy.

With the internal sunscreen solutions which are integrated inbetween the glasses of the window or door set, Viking Window can offer a solution for both concernes.

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Classic stained glass

This technique is best described as what we are used to see in churches. It is the oldest technique in stained glass history and it has changed very little. With this technique coloured glass is used and every piece of glass is cut by hand. The pieces are assembled with H-shape lead came. After assembling the glass, lead came is soldered on both sides. This technique fits well with classic geometric and diamond patterns. This type of stained glass is best for restoration works and old historical buildings.