Ancient Idea, Modern Technology!

Nordic window and door design for modern architecture.

A house in Sweden (Manorex Bygg AB)

Special Design

Bespoke windows and doors for modern design.

Passion M1 Disain

Passive Windows

Certified passive windows and energy efficient doors.

A House in Tallinn

Broad View

Windows and doors of modern design - plenty of light, magnificient view. Look more: Innova Sliding Door and Panorama Sliding Door

A view of the sea from balcony of an apartment building

Appreciating Traditions

Combine traditions wiht energy efficiency - new life for log homes.

A traditional summer house in Norway

Energy Efficient Windows, Doors and Patio Doors

Windows and Doors to meet passive house standards.

An apartment building in England

Wooden and Aluclad Windows

Viking Window AS has 25 years of experience of supplying bespoke high quality wooden and aluclad windows and doors.

Our main markets include:

  • Estonia
  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Latvia



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International Trade Experience

International Trade Experience

Viking Window AS was established in 1996.a. as a joint venture with a Danish window manufacturer Rationel Vinduer. In 2001. our managing team bougth all of the shares and since then we are 100% Estonian company.

Today Viking Window has bocome internationally known brand of high quality and focus on bespoke solutions. Our main markets include Estonia, UK, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Latvia and we have supplied also to Iceland, France, Japan, Netherlands and Finland.

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Quality and Professional Service for Our Customers

Quality and Professional Service for Our Customers

Viking Window AS desings wooden and aluclad windows and doors. Our product range include windows for high end energy efficient buildings, for refurbishments and also traditional (aka county style) windows and doors.

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It's my belief that one of the most important architectural elements of a house are windows and doors.
Viking windows are of really high quality and provide dynamic accent for "Villa Tommy".
- Kuno Peek -

Nordic Windows was exemplary from start to finish. We were guided through the various options in his showroom in a very professional manner. Seeing the windows up close in the showroom one quickly got an appreciation for their quality. The fact that they were all custom sizes and shipped from Estonia made this quick turnaround all the more remarkable. Our new home is toasty warm due to the ability of the windows to retain the heat within the building.

- Conor McCooey

Our home has new windows now and the result is so pretty, that I must share it with my readers. We super happy with our choice with Viking Window. Exactly this kind of communication I did expect from a company, who provides its services. Everything was explained in detail, different solutions and options were introduced, and windows were eventually designed the way I had always dreamt. (In Estonian: Kärt-Britt Kokk - Minu Kodu blog)



  • Evergy Efficient Solutions
  • Wide Choice of Colors
  • Variety in Functions
  • Special Shape Windows

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  • External Doorsets
  • Terrace and Balcony Doors
  • Sliding and Folding Doors
  • Multiple Point Locking

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Viking21 windows (2- or 3-glazing)
Popular Product:

Viking21 windows (2- or 3-glazing)

The idea of an outward opening window is developed in Scandinavian countries in harsh climate conditions: in Denmark and in Norway such windows have been the main solution in building practice. 

Viking21 window provides traditiona Scandinavian window design with the option to choose between 2-glazing or 3-glazing.

For more detailed information, please contact our sales department and see the drawings.

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Welcome to our Sales Offices

Viking Window AS
Mäo 72751 Järvamaa
Ph +372 384 8900
Fax +372 385 3027

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