DK88 Door

Product code: UV-DK88

DK88 Entrance Door is a suitable match to DK88 windows. With 88 mm insulated door panel and energy efficient 3-glazing unit it's possible to achive overall U-value Uw = 0,80 W/m2K.

DK88 Door is only inward opening. It uses hardware system provided by German manufacturer Maco and Simonswerk. Availble as single or double leaf doorset, low Weser threshold, wide selection of fihishing and both wooden and aluclad version. Aluclad option can be provided with special design alu cover on door leaf.

Balcony Doors:

DK88 balcony door has a leaf made of glue lam profiles. Low Weser threshold, similar hardware as DK88 window - including tilt and turn opening. Available as single or double leaf option. Through and through handle and locking options. Both wooden and aluclad door sets.

Standard Configuration

Passive housePassive house

Additional Options

Sound insulation glassesSound insulation glasses
Sun protectionSun protection
Energy efficientEnergy efficient

Note: U-value (0.60 – 1.2) indicates thermal transmittance of window. Smaller value equals better thermal insulation.

Sound Insulation Rw = 33 dB (-2;-5) - standard glazing
Frame Depth 88 mm (121 mm with alucladding)
Material of Sash and Frame Door leaf: insulated panel; door frame: qlue-lam pine; quality class A1-A3; Weser threshold
Glazing 50 mm 3-glazing; 2 LowE glasses, argon filled
Hardware Simonswerk hinges (balcony door with Roto hinges); ROTO espagnolette and handle
Aluminium Cladding Optional external alucladding
Thermal transmittance Uw = 0,80 W/m²K (0,9 x 2,1 m door with standard glazing)
Number of sash gaskets 2 gaskets on door leaf, additional gasket on door frame
Color of sash gaskets Grey

Door leaf: W 550 - 1073 mm; H 1651 - 2390 mm

Material of frame and sash

Frame: Glue-lam pine; quality class A1-A3

Door leaf: insulated panel

Additional option: profile door of glue-lam pine; quality class A1-A3


Teknos Aquatop and/or VRC

RAL; NCS and translusent systems:



Glasing options

Click on the picture below to browse for more:

glazing options 1

Glazing bar options

COPY of DK88 aken 03 small COPY of DK88 puitaluaken 03 small

Panel door leaf is a composite product of timber frame covered with weather proof plywood "skins" (including moisture protection) and filled with insulation material. With the modern CNC technology different grooves and glazing options can be used for design purposes.


Panel door standard designs

  • Standard sizes are width 880-1078 mm and height 2040-2300 mm.
  • Door design options and hardware types can be found on the illustrations below.
  • Lead time 3 weeks.
  • Lower price compared to special design doors.
  • Ask for more detailed information from sales representative!


Click on the image below to see standard design options:


PR.100 BLANK 150px PR.109 FULL GLASS 150px PR.110 HALF GLASS 150px PR.111 SAEBY 320px PR.112 7grooves 150px PR.113 narrow glass 150px PR.114 28mm grooves 150px
PR.100   PR.109 PR.110  PR.111   PR.112**  PR.113  PR.114**


NB! Pictures above are illustrations - specific tone, glass type, hardware configuration may be different than current illustrations.

** Pattern on both sides

Profile doors:

Profile door leaves are assembled of glue-lam timber profiles. Insulated glazing of panels can be used.


Available door designs (click on the images below to see more):


3-glazed doors

3glz prof door designs 480px


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