Exterior Doors and Balcony Doors

Product code: DOORS

Standard Configuration

Energy EfficientEnergy Efficient
Near zero energy homeNear zero energy home

Additional Options

Sound Insulation GlassesSound Insulation Glasses
Sun protectionSun protection
Fire ratedFire rated

Note: U-value (0.60 – 1.2) indicates thermal transmittance of window. Smaller value equals better thermal insulation.

Viking Window manufactures both exterior doors and balcony doors with more simple hardware. Exterior doors can be manufactured either as panel doors or profile doors. Exterior doors can be eiter outward or inward opening. Panel doors have grooves for design and different number and shape glazing units cab be included. For profile doors besides glazing insulated panels can be used.

All exterior doors are supplied as door sets: with frame, threshold, handle and cylinder.

Product drawings (DWG):

 2-glazed doors:

3-glazed doors:



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