Stained Glasses

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Classic stained glass

This technique is best described as what we are used to see in churches. It is the oldest technique in stained glass history and it has changed very little. With this technique coloured glass is used and every piece of glass is cut by hand. The pieces are assembled with H-shape lead came. After assembling the glass, lead came is soldered on both sides. This technique fits well with classic geometric and diamond patterns. This type of stained glass is best for restoration works and old historical buildings.

Tiffany stained glassTiffany stained glass

All the pieces are cut by hand from coloured glass. Cut edges are covered with self adhesive copper foil. After that pieces are laid side by side and copper foil is soldered. Coating connects the pieces. Tiffany technique allows very complex patterns with small details. This technique goes especially well with nature motives and flower patterns. Main visual difference compared to classic stained glass is that lead lines on tiffany glass vary throughout the work. Usually the lines are thinner than on classic stained glass.

Art film stained glass

For this type of stained glass the pattern covers one whole sheet of glass. First, self adhesive lead strips are laid on the glass according to a drawing. After that, the glass is turned over and coloured art film is laid where necessary. Edges of film are covered with lead strips according to lines below. Art film stained glass is visually quite similar to other types of stained glass. Art film stained glass does not deform in time, so larger areas can be covered with glass.


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