VikingWave Sunscreen

Product code: smrt-air-2

Smart sun screen solution for 48 - 52 mm 3-glazing units.

VikingWave is an innovative compact roller blind system inside the glazing unit which is capable of fulfilling a wide range of duties and responsibilities with regard to sun, glare and heat protection. The whole roller blind is completely integrated into the space between glass panels; thus the system can be used in nearly all types of application areas.

sgt aluwave 530

The system is based on a blind which is completely integrated within the insulating glass unit. It consists of a polyester film, which is coated with a very thin aluminum layer. VikingWave avoids sun blinding and creates comfortable lighting conditions. During the day the view inside a room is prevented because of the film’s reflection in the roll bottom position. Depending on the film’s transparency it is possible to look outside. The special wave-like embossing of the film provides stability as well as an elegant optical appearance.vikingwave 2019 500px


Thermal performance indicators:

Type of VikingWave: OD-1 OD-1 OD-2 OD-4 Notes
Glazing unit configuration U-value of glazing Ug (W/m2K) Solar factor of glazing (g) Solar factor of glazing (g) Solar factor of glazing (g)  
3k 4LowE - 4 - 4LowE; 18 & 20 mm Ar90% (50 mm 3-glazing unit) 0,53 0,54 0,54 0,54 Roller blind not engaged
3k 4LowE - 4 - 4LowE; 18 & 20 mm Ar90% (50 mm 3-glazing unit) 0,51 0,10 0,05 0,00 Roller blind fully engaged


In sum the advantages of VikingWave are:

  • Exclusive optical appearance for the realization of architectural accents
  • Adjustable total energy transmittance saves cooling energy during the summer time
  • No interference of the facade design, i.e. there is no need of superstructure
  • Maintenance-free; no additional costs for maintenance and cleaning occur
  • Through the uniform dimout ideal shade for VDU workstations with the possibility to look outside; no appearance of “strip shades” like they used to appear with conventional blinds
  • No inconvenient wind noise; no risk of damage due to high wind and or snowstorm velocities
  • Due to the optical density there is a high degree of privacy protection at night. With the OD4 film there is no need for curtains


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Note: U-value (0.60 – 1.2) indicates thermal transmittance of window. Smaller value equals better thermal insulation.


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