e-Power Lift and Slide Patio Door (3-glazing)

Product code: e-Power

Standard Configuration

Near zereo energy homeNear zereo energy home

Additional Options

Sound insulation glassesSound insulation glasses
Sun protectionSun protection

Note: U-value (0.60 – 1.2) indicates thermal transmittance of window. Smaller value equals better thermal insulation.

Aluminium Cladding NB! Available only as aluclad product
Glazing 52 mm 3-glazing, two LowE glasses, argon filled
Frame Depth 211 mm ( with alucladding)
Sound Insulation Rw = 34 dB (-1;-4) - standard 3-glazing
Material of Sash and Frame Glue-lam pine; quality class A1-A3
Number of sash gaskets 2 sash gaskets
Color of sash gaskets Black
Thermal transmittance Uw = 0.75 W/m²K
Hardware GU e-Power concealed hardware
Air tightness Class 4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness Class 7A (300 Pa)
Resistance to wind load Class 4C (1600 Pa)


W 5 900 mm x H 2 600 mm


Material of frame and sash

Glue-lam pine, Nordic timber quality class A1-A3


Teknos Aquatop and/or VRC

RAL; NCS and translusent systems:


Glasing options

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glazing options 1

Drawings: Aluclad Sliding Door PDF and DWG

NB! These are panorama sliding door drawings! Minor differences in the threshold and hardware groove build.

e-Power Sliding Door is a new and unique, electically funtioning patio door.

NB! Available only as aluclad door!

e-Power Sliding Doors come with fully concealed, high quality German electrical hardware system. Door is powered by batteries - no wirries while door is opened and you lose power. Charging while closed!

Video to illustrate how the door is opening and closing:

e-Power Sliding Door is available only as aluclad product. Energy efficient triple glazing (total thickness 52 mm) ensures U-values as low as 0.80 W/m2K.


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